With various things in life soaking up my time, I was able to squeeze in taking the Cloud+ exam and passed pretty easily. I’ll be working on the CCNA Datacenter next and I should be taking part one of the exam this Saturday. Bit of a new field to indulge in, but interesting nonetheless. Sorry about the lack of game updates! Its been on a hiatus for the time being, but I’ll be going back to it soon enough. 🙂

Hey guys!

So, the game is still slightly delayed and I haven’t quite put much effort into it yet. I’m also still studying for the CISSP and I’m not in any rush to get it either. For now, I have an exam scheduled for Saturday to take the Cloud+ exam and in a short 2-3 weeks I’ll most likely be attending a VMware class. 🙂

I promise that soon enough there will be a game update soon! I’m just working around on getting adjusted to Unity 5.0 as well.