Given a few individuals inquiring about the state of the project so far, I decided to impart a small little sneak peak today of what’s all been going on, however, it isn’t quite much given my work schedule consuming the vast majority of my time. So a simple preview of the world on one of the earlier builds (I’ll provide some better, more up to date snapshots in due time) utilized as a nice little test environment.

Additionally, I’m going to attempt to post an update at least once every three days given I am able too, some updates may contain a lot of content regarding the game, while some others might lack and be a simple comment about my proverbial life.

I should impart as well on what’s all been going on. The game essentially has been revamped a lot on what I first desired it to be like. Initially, I was programming it in C++ but moved onto programming it in C# and my sister is doing all of the art work as I possess absolutely no talent when it comes to drawing. The mechanics of the game aren’t completely fleshed out, the story isn’t even really close to complete, and for now we’re just messing around for the most part and seeing what all we both can toss together.

To conclude, we’re just seeing what we can create. We do want to construct a game that is appealing to most though. 🙂

Please keep in mind, nothing you see in the screenshots is final, it might be utilized, reconstructed or stripped completely in the future.

Screenshot -1